Why Choose Ecology Transportation Services?

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We’re Professionals

We’ve been in the hauling business for over 50 years. We’ve transported billions of pounds of equipment, construction supplies, shipping containers, scrap metal, and waste.

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We Own a Newer Fleet

Our fleet is comprised of 2015 or newer tractors. Trucks going to port are port-approved (100% CNG-powered and CARB-compliant).  Our diesel trucks are also CARB-compliant.

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We’re Secured & Insured

We’ve passed BIT (Basic Inspection of Terminals) and are DOT-inspected and certified. We’re also 100% bonded and insured.

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We Operate Safely

We’re deeply committed to the safety of our customers, employees, contractors, and community.

Ecology Has Been Hauling Oversize Loads for More Than 50 Years

Ecology is the premier company for refuse and green waste management.

Ecology has grown into the #1 company for refuse and green waste management in the Western United States. We thank our valued customers for their support and our employees for their hard work. 

Ecology is the top choice for trash removal from manufacturing and construction facilities.

Ecology has been in the hauling business for over 50 years. We’ve transported billions of pounds of materials, equipment, recyclables, and trash in many forms and sizes.

With over 600 trucks in our fleet, we can handle the shipping and logistics needs for your company from as far east as Texas and throughout the Mountain and Western United States.

We're the #1 Corporate Choice for Trash Removal

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Ecology moves tons of containers, equipment, waste, and recycling materials every day.

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