Our Trucking Fleet

The Commodity and Waste Hauling Division is the largest transportation division of Ecology, operating over 600 trucks and 970 trailers of various types and configurations to match the material being transported.

Drayage Trailers

The drayage trailers provide transportation of containers to and from the port or to any of our clients’ locations.

Drayage Trailer

Steel High Side & Low Side End Dumps Trailers

These are heavy duty dumps used to capture and transport materials from job sites or manufacturing facilities that have concrete, rep rock, scrap metal, plastics, junked cars, etc. These trailers are self-offloading.

Steel High Side & Low Side End Dumps Trailer

Gravity Dump Trailers

These trailers allow top loading of commodities and can be moved to an elevator or rail sitting where they are gravity bottom discharged into storage hoppers or conveying systems.

Gravity Dump Trailers

Aluminum End Dumps Trailers

These trailers are used in a wide variety of ways from transporting recycled materials to contaminated soil.

Aluminum End Dumps Trailer

Tanker Trailers

These trailers are used in the transportation of bulk liquids, commonly chemical, industrial and food grade liquids.

Tanker Trailer

 Live Floor Trailers

These trailers (“dumps”) are used for carrying and transporting lighter trash, such as solid waste, green waste, mulch and other recyclable materials.  These trailers are self-loading and self-offloading.

 Live Floor Trailer

Belt Trailers

These trailers are used to transport light weight aggregate, Bio-solids, Compost and a variety of other materials.

Belt Trailer

Dry Van Trailers

These Dry Van Trailers are used to transport most anything from palletized new material to bales of recycled products.

Dry Van Trailer

Heavy Haul Trailers

These trailers are commonly used to haul oversized equipment and industrial machinery, as well as break bulk loads.

Heavy Haul Trailer

Flat Bed Trailers

These Trailers allow us to move legal and oversized loads from new production steel to palletized concrete.

Tipper Trailers

These tipper trailers are primarily used for transportation and disposal of solid waste to landfills.

Tipper Trailer