Refuse & Green Waste Hauling

Refuse & Green Waste Hauling

What Is Refuse or Green Waste?

Refuse, or green waste, refers to biodegradable waste primarily composed of organic materials like plant waste — think leaves, grass clippings, and flowers — as well as food scraps.

This type of waste is rich in nutrients, meaning it can be recycled back into the environment, contributing to the health of the soil and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Therefore, it’s crucial to collect and transport green waste appropriately. Doing so not only takes care of our environment but also encourages a sustainable cycle of growth and decay.

The Green Waste Hauling Division at Ecology

Ecology has been in the business of green waste commodity hauling since the 1990s, ensuring proper disposal and recycling.

We use the latest technology and procedures, and will continue to provide superior green waste services for many years.

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What We Do

We contract with bulk trash collection companies servicing cities and businesses for general trash pickup.

Our bulk trailers collect solid waste, green waste, and mulch, as well as recyclables like metal, plastic, paper, and cardboard, from designated bulk trash collection sites. 

We then transport the collected trash to various recycling centers.