Ecology’s Transportation & Logistics Services

Transportation & Logistics

Our Transportation & Logistics Services at Ecology have a fleet of over 600 trucks at our disposal, ready to be put to work for you. We can handle the shipping and logistics for your company anywhere within the states of California, Nevada, and Arizona. This region possesses some of the biggest economies in the country, and we can help you make the most of your presence there.

Our specialized fleet of trucks and trailers allows us to provide you with solutions to complex logistical issues. As we value your money and time, we make certain to keep our solutions cost-effective and highly efficient. Ecology’s trucking, transportation and logistics services encompass several services and divisions.

What Sets Ecology Apart?

There are several factors that set Ecology apart from our competitors. First of all, we have a highly modern fleet, with the majority of our vehicles manufactured after 2009. This allows us to move your load safely and securely, with maximum efficiency.

Ecology also has connections throughout the Western and Mountain United States. This makes it easy for us to obtain the permissions needed to move most loads anywhere west of the Mississippi. With permissions at two California ports, we can also help you coordinate international shipments.

Finally, the Ecology team is excellent at getting all loads where they need to be quickly and within budget. When you choose Ecology, you can rest assured that your shipment will be where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. And to keep our services accessible, we always offer the most cost-effective solutions.

Drayage Services Division

Ecology’s Express Drayage Service has terminals within both the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles. Our team has mastered working with time-sensitive shipments and will create a logistical plan that gets your goods where they need to be, on time and within budget. Whether you need containers moved from the port or to the port, we have you covered.

We can move both 20’ and 40’ containers, as well as heavy loads and specialty containers. Ecology can offer container-shipping services for refrigerated or hazardous materials.

Breakbulk cargo over-dimensional or overweight.

Rail Transloading Services

Ecology offers on and off trans-loading capabilities to handle your shipment of refuse, finished goods, and bulk commodities through rail transloading services. Using intermodal containers and boxcars, our service is fast and efficient for all your business-shipping needs. Rail transloading services are available at several Ecology Group locations with access to UP and BNSF Railway (Union Pacific Railroad and Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway).

There are economic advantages of shipping bulk material by rail, along with environmental benefits through this mode of transportation. A team of experts will work closely with the railroads, coordinating all the logistics and important details to deliver your shipment safely and within the deadline.

Commodity and Green Waste Hauling Division

The Commodity and Waste Hauling Division represents the largest portion of Ecology’s fleet, operating over 400 trucks and 970 trailers of various types and configurations. The diversity of our fleet allows us to meet the needs of any material being transported. Our Commodity and Green Waste Hauling Division also has our greatest reach, traveling as far east as Texas and throughout the Mountain and Western regions of the United States. 90% of our fleet has been replaced in the last seven years and all are Port and CARB compliant, ensuring that your load is moved safely and efficiently.

While commodity and green waste management faced a variety of challenges in the past, Ecology has introduced improvements in technology and procedure that allow us to provide the very best in green waste services. In addition to general commodity and green waste management services, we also remove class 9 hazardous waste and dispose of it at a state or federally designated facilities. We do not handle bio-hazard, explosive, radioactive, and environmentally harmful materials.

Ecology is also certified and licensed to dispose of federally seized products and materials. Depending on the case, this may include electronic waste, recyclables, and more. We dispose of these products under the guidance of federal agencies, such as Homeland Security and the FBI. Our process is fully monitored and supervised from start to finish.

Heavy Haul Division

Ecology’s Heavy Haul Division moves loads that are too heavy or too large to be legally transported on conventional flatbed trailers. Our Heavy Haul fleet can provide comprehensive services for heavy haul transport to any destination west of the Mississippi River. Using reliable vehicles — all manufactured after 2009 — and highly experienced drivers, we can provide you with a fast and cost-effective delivery of heavy loads from the Port of Long Beach or the Port of Los Angeles.

Part of what makes heavy haul loads unique is that you must receive special permits from various government agencies; these can be needed at the municipal/city level, county level, or state level. This means that the majority of loads will require multiple permits. Here at Ecology, we have the knowledge and connections needed to ensure all permissions are obtained prior to starting our journey. We can also provide escort or pilot vehicles when required by the jurisdictions crossed during travel.

Driving a heavy haul requires special skills and a lot of experience. That is why all heavy haul drivers employed by Ecology have at least 15 years of experience transporting oversized and overweight loads. Each driver also possesses a TWIC card, giving them access to secure areas in commercial port facilities.

Count on the Ecology Team

When it comes to transportation and logistics, you can count on the Ecology team. 

We have the experience and connections to get your load where it needs to be, on time and under budget. If you have transportation needs anywhere west of the Mississippi, contact us; we can provide you with a quote clarifying cost and time to ship. We look forward to working with you.

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