About Us

One Way, The Right Way…
The Ecology Way

Ecology began in 1966 when Ham Siroonian, Charles Pratty, Sr., and Charles Siroonian had a business idea that led them to the city of Santa Fe Springs, California where they created a “do-it-yourself” auto wrecking establishment with an emphasis on cleanliness and customer service.

This “do it yourself” auto wrecking was the first of its kind in the world. The Siroonians and Pratty were precursors of the recycling movement and soon realized that in order for recycling to succeed a reliable fleet of trucks with a variety of types of trailers was needed to efficiently and effectively pick up and move scrap metal and plastic from cities, businesses, and railroads (transloading) to processing plants as well as for loading into containers for transporting to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach for shipping to manufacturers world wide.

Besides transporting recyclable materials, reliable transportation was needed to move solid waste materials to landfills for cities and businesses, and heavy haul trucks and trailers were needed to move equipment and industrial parts to construction and manufacturing sites. 

Ecology transports millions of pounds of metal and solid waste materials annually using a large fleet of over 600 trucks as well as rail, and we operate a network of yards and transfer stations throughout Southern California and Arizona. 

Our company’s team of experts have the in-depth knowledge, expertise, and experience to quickly offer our clients what they need and when they need it. State of the art equipment, along with over 50 years of experience allow us to give you cost effective service.

In addition, our commitment to the environment is a top priority. We established stringent controls in all aspects of the organization using the strictest standards to safeguard our environment and protect employees.

Ecology continues to be family owned as the children and the grandchildren of the founders actively run the company today with the same high standards established by the founders.  Word of mouth gets us new clients; our competitive edge and exceptional customer service keeps those clients.