Drayage Services

Ecology’s Drayage Division is one of the largest and most efficient trucking service providers to and from the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach.  We operate throughout Southern California with a fleet of 100% CNG powered trucks.

Ecology designs plans to efficiently move freight for our clients.  We provide off-peak scheduling and we also have a wide variety of equipment to prevent any shortages during peak seasons.  Since we own and operate our own transfer stations and yards through Southern California, we can pick up and move containers and freight to and from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to meet time sensitive shipping and receiving schedules.

Ecology Drayage Shipping Truck

The drayage division provides supply chain transportation of containers to and from the 13 terminals at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Our 10 acre facility in Wilmington, CA offers the opportunity for us to pull containers from the port, store them short term if needed, and then deliver them to their destination when needed.

This gives customers the ability to control just in time deliveries and inventories on imported products. The advantage for companies looking to control Just in Time (JIT) deliveries on imported products is in inventory turns, cash flow, and warehouse space.

In the same manner, we can also deliver containers to the port of Los Angeles when they are scheduled for loading. We understand that getting freight to the port to be loaded at the assigned time is a critical issue for all companies.

For our export customers, we can pick up loaded end dumps, walking trailers, and belt trailers.  Anything not packaged is considered bulk freight. Containers at their location, store them at our 10-acre facility in Wilmington and then transport the containers at the scheduled time to be loaded at the terminal.

Ecology Shipping Trailer Yard

Ecology can also handle bulk loads and bulk freight, which require heavy haul equipment through our Heavy Haul division.

Break bulk loads and bulk freight can also be handled by Ecology.  Typically break bulk loads are hauled in containers or bulk trailers such as hoppers, end dumps, walking trailers, and belt trailers.  Anything not packaged is considered bulk freight.

Typical bulk loads that can be handled by containers or bulk trailers are grain, fertilizer, metals, ingredients, etc.  Sometimes bulk loads or bulk freight are not able to be shipped in containers or  bulk trailers and require heavy haul equipment to be used.