Commodity & Waste Hauling

Commodity and Waste Hauling Division

The Commodity and Waste Hauling Division is the largest transportation division of Ecology, operating over 600 trucks and 970 trailers of various types and configurations to match the material that is being transported. From as far east as Texas and throughout the Mountain and Western United States, Ecology’s Commodity and Waste Hauling Division moves mountains of waste and recycling materials everyday.

The Commodity and Waste Hauling Division at Ecology works across a variety of areas, businesses, municipalities, and employs a wide variety of equipment to handle all types of materials and situations.

We operate and manage transfer stations from the largest waste site in the world. Transfer stations act as a central receiving and transfer point for solid waste.  The waste is consolidated at the transfer station and then transferred to a landfill or any location our customers require.  We can provide containers as well of any size or type.  The transfer stations operate fully in compliance with state law and environmental regulations. 

Our fleet of 2015 or newer trucks is CARB compliant.  Our goal is to have a 100% natural gas fleet by the end of 2022.

Our Commodity and Waste Hauling Division is well-equipped for hauling a wide array of waste materials, and we also provide the following:

Who is Ecology?

Ecology has been playing a key role in conserving and saving our environment by encouraging people to recycle and reuse products. With your help, we can make our planet a greener and a better place to live.