Refuse/Green Waste Hauling

Refuse & Green Waste Hauling

What is Refuse or Green Waste?

Refuse/green waste refers to biodegradable waste that includes plant waste (e.g., leaves or flower) or food waste.  It is important that all green waste be collected and transported to a proper processing facility.

The Green Waste Division at Ecology

Ecology’s refuse recycling green waste commodity hauling division has been in the business of green waste commodity hauling for decades, ensuring proper disposal and recycling. “Ecology’s Refuse/Green Waste Hauling Division has been in in the business of green waste commodity hauling since the 1990’s.  With improvements in technology and procedures, our Ecology experts will continue to provide superior green waste services for our clients for many, many years.

What We Do

Ecology’s Refuse/Green Waste Commodity Hauling Division contracts with bulk trash collection companies, who service city and businesses for general trash collection.  Our bulk trailers collect solid waste, green waste and mulch, as well, as recyclables, such as metal, plastic, paper and cardboard from designated bulk trash collection sites.  We transport the trash we collect to a number of recycling centers.