Tucson & Phoenix Scrap Metal Buying

In Phoenix and Tucson we have commercial and residential roll off box service for scrap metal. We service commercial accounts and are looking to expand our services throughout the Phoenix and Tucson region. Our customer calls, we drop a box and when the bin is ready we pick it up and then process for payment.  We also have a flat-bed and end-dump in Phoenix and Tucson that we offer our services for hire to move equipment and material.

Scrap Metal Service

Roll-Off Box Service

We have now added roll off box service to our Tucson clients to purchase your scrap metals. We will quickly deliver a box to your residential or commercial location then pick it up and you get paid. We can haul up to 12 tons or DOT regulations.

What We Won’t Take

We do not accept hazardous materials, spent ammunition, oil or sealed containers such as drums or tanks etc.



Our On-Call Mobile Crew is 24/7

Our Roll Off Box service operates 6 days a week Monday to Saturday 5AM – 4PM

Local Direct Number:
Scott Hanna 480-248-0071

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