Recycling: More than just reusing material

At Ecology, we provide the most cutting-edge solution for transporting and processing recycled materials in the Western United States. We also collect and recycle junk cars so that their old parts can be reused for scrap, all of which we transport in our eco-friendly collection fleet and distribute to our several facilities throughout Southern California. We care about the environment and strive to educate others about how important recycling and reusing is to the environment and society at large. With that in mind, we at Ecology have compiled a list of the Top 5 Benefits of Recycling. Please read on to learn more!

The Top 5 Benefits of Recycling

  1. Saves Energy: When we recycle, the used materials are processed and repurposed into resources we need. Instead of burning energy manufacturing completely new products, recycled goods can be put back out into the marketplace for consumer use. With that, we as consumers have what we need without consuming massive amounts of energy to do so, a process the world has relied on for too long. This is the core of what we at Ecology do; we offer up our transportation resources and recycling facilities to aid the recycling process, starting a chain of eco-conscious activity that benefits humankind and our planet.
  2. Conserves Natural Resources: Our planet has been overused and resources have been depleting over time, but this is something that we as a society are finally beginning to understand and work to change. At Ecology, we strive to conserve our natural resources by providing recycling and transportation services for waste materials throughout the western portion of the United States. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Southern California makes the difficult part of recycling, the collection, and processing of the materials, easy on our neighbors and associates.
  3. Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Our carbon footprint, which measures the amount of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions afflicting our environment, is out of control in this country. This is not something we take lightly at Ecology. Part of our services includes taking vehicles that would otherwise be thrown away and recycle its various parts for reuse. This helps curb greenhouse gas emissions since new objects are constructed by materials that would have been clogging landfills, and these objects would otherwise have been manufactured by raw materials, the process of which would emit more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere! At Ecology, we strive at all points to create a system that coexists with a greener, more eco-conscious way of life.
  4. Prevents Pollution: Harmful pollution enters our atmosphere when raw materials are collected and manufactured for creating new items. With the work we do at Ecology, we collect scrap materials and otherwise discarded resources to create a new chain of recycled goods. These will be re-purposed into something useful. No new raw materials will need to be collected and put through the industrial system on our watch!
  5. Reduces Waste: When we dispose of something in the garbage, it is hauled away to a landfill where it will be left to rot. Recycling helps reduce waste by bringing discarded materials to recycling facilities, such as ours, wherein the objects will be collected and re-purposed. A reduction in waste also occurs when objects are recycled since new resources will not be collected and possibly wasted in the process of manufacturing. In a nutshell, recycling gives old materials a new life, reducing the amount of waste we create. The cycle of waste ends with recycling!

The benefits of recycling do not end there, of course. Recycling helps provide our planet with clean, renewable resources that are gentle on the environment. At Ecology, we know that most people are very busy and are not always certain what happens to their recycled goods after they place them at the curb each week. Our eco-friendly transportation services allow us to move millions of pounds of bulk waste to our recycling facilities. Ecology’s recycling facilities throughout Southern California collects metals and plastics that have been recycled throughout the western United States so that they may be reused. Additionally, we collect and process junk cars for scrap, separating needed parts to re-purpose. Our mission is to help create a cleaner America with our eco-conscious recycling practices, something that will benefit all of us and our planet.