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In Hemet and other communities in Southern California’s Tri-Valley region, Ecology’s Perris/Moreno Valley Recycling Center is the trusted source for easy, profitable disposal of scrap metal and other recyclable items. Whether you’re a homeowner, renter or business owner, you’ll find us standing by with top-dollar prices and well-organized facilities suitable for recycling loads of all sizes. We’ll help you meet your commitment to ecological responsibility while adding extra income to your bottom line.

Reasons for Recycling

hemet aluminum can recycling centerRecycling serves a dual purpose for private citizens and businesses. First, it serves as a way to turn scrap metal and certain other types of recyclable materials into a reliable source of income. At the same time, people and companies that take part in recycling efforts help lower the social and environmental impact of modern manufacturing. This is true because the use of scrap materials allows manufacturers to reduce their need for raw materials. In turn, when raw material requirements decrease, industrial facilities can decrease their output of liquid waste, solid waste, and airborne pollutants. By bringing your unwanted scrap and CRV-eligible containers to a reputable recycling center, you can act on behalf of the environment while also enjoying a financial reward.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal comes about whenever an item made from metal has reached the end of its intended purpose. Items that meet this broad definition include:

  •         Non-functional or out-of-date appliances
  •         Metal soft drink or soda cans
  •         Damaged or out-of-date faucets and plumbing fixtures
  •         Damaged or discarded metal window frames
  •         Out-of-service household or commercial wiring
  •         Damaged or obsolete bicycles
  •         Broken down or outdated motor vehicles

The metals used to make these items fall into one of two main categories: non-ferrous and ferrous.

Non-Ferrous Metals

crv recycling center in hemetThe word ferrous refers to the iron content in metal. Metals that don’t contain iron are non-ferrous. Most of the metallic scrap generated in private households is non-ferrous, and the same holds true for a large percentage of CRV recyclables. At our Perris/Moreno Valley facility, we accept the following materials in this category:

  •         Copper
  •         Tin
  •         Brass
  •         Aluminum

Pound for pound, these non-ferrous metals will bring you a more significant financial payoff than any ferrous metals.

Ferrous Metals

aluminum can recycling in hemetAll ferrous metals contain at least some iron. Apart from items made entirely from iron, this category includes pieces made from non-stainless steel. It also includes anything made from a combination of non-ferrous and ferrous metals. In the average home, scrap in the ferrous category comprises obsolete or non-functioning motor vehicles, as well as most older appliances. Metal offsets and structural steel are frequent sources of this type of scrap at a business or job site. The telltale sign of ferrous metals is magnetism. A magnet will exert a pull on these metals, but not on non-ferrous materials.

The monetary gains of ferrous recycling are lower than the profits from non-ferrous recycling. Still, at Ecology, you will receive the maximum possible financial compensation for your ferrous scrap. You will also support your personal or business-related goals as a steward of the environment. Our Perris/Moreno Valley Recycling Center accepts items made from iron and non-stainless steel.

CRV Recycling

crv recycling in hemetCalifornia is a national leader in the recycling industry. One of the reasons for the state’s prominence is the California Refund Value (CRV) program. This program sets a fixed, statewide recycling price for bottles, cans and other beverage containers made from:

  •         Glass
  •         Aluminum
  •         Plastic
  •         Layered metal (also known as bimetal)

Under CRV guidelines, beverage companies operating in California add a small charge to all products sold in stores. When you recycle an eligible product, the upfront charge returns to you. Studies consistently show that this type of program helps increase the odds that people will turn in their recyclable items. When you turn in as many as 50 CRV-eligible items at once, you can opt to receive an individual payout for each container. Recycling centers have the right to offer a weight-based payment for more massive loads of material.

Ecology Auto Parts’ Perris/Moreno Valley facility accepts CRV containers in the form of:

  •         Clean, dry aluminum cans
  •         Glass
  •         Plastic

Support for Household and Business Recycling

glass bottle recycling center in hemetAt Ecology, we believe that society benefits the most when private citizens and companies each play their part in the recycling process. We also think that individuals and businesses both deserve to benefit from their recycling efforts. For these reasons, we’ve designed our Perris/Moreno Valley facility with an equal focus on private and corporate needs in Hemet and other locations throughout the Tri-Valley and Riverside County.

To meet the region’s industrial and business needs, we provide plenty of room for the convenient recycling of large volumes of material. We also add to your convenience by offering onsite delivery of roll-off recycling bins in a variety of shapes and sizes. While a container is present on your property, fill it with as much scrap as you have available. When you finish, or the container won’t hold any more material, give us a call, and we’ll haul your recyclables to the Center for you.

Items We Don’t Accept

plastic recycling in hemetAs a recycling business focused on scrap metal and CRV containers, Ecology cannot accept all materials that have a potential for reuse or repurposing. In addition, we cannot receive materials with little or no recycling potential. Specific items on our exclusion list include:

  •         Solid waste
  •         Medical waste or other forms of hazardous waste
  •         Computers
  •         TV or computer monitors
  •         Liquids
  •         Fiberglass
  •         Wood
  •         Sealed drums
  •         Oil filters

Proudly Serving the City of Hemet

recycling for plastic bottles in hemetHemet is a city of 84,000-plus located in Riverside County’s San Jacinto Valley. Since the late 1990s, the municipality has been committed to forest preservation, a fact recognized by its listing as a Tree City by the Arbor Day Foundation. Hemet also serves as host to the Ramona Pageant, which stands as America’s oldest annual outdoor play. The community sits just north of Diamond Valley Lake, one of Southern California’s most significant reservoirs, and residents and visitors enjoy ready access to the lake’s boating and fishing opportunities.

Ecology Auto Parts’ Perris/Moreno Valley Recycling Center is located just a short drive away from Hemet at 23332 Cajalco Road in Perris. Throughout the year, we help the region’s businesses, and residents earn cash for their scrap materials, reduce the load on area landfills and protect the Tri-Valley’s vulnerable watersheds. For more information on our corporate recycling program and going rates on all suitable materials, call us today.


Welcome to our Perris/Moreno Valley location!

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