Lake Arrowhead Recycling Center for Scrap Metal and CRV Redemption

In Lake Arrowhead, householders and businesses count on Ecology’s Hesperia Recycling Center for the simple, lucrative disposal of recyclable items and materials. With excellent prices and a facility capable of handling massive volumes of industrial and commercial scrap, we’re committed to serving all members of the local community. We’re also committed to helping you combine good citizenship with an extra source of income.

Why Should You Recycle?

aluminum can recycling in lake arrowheadRecycling is helpful for both your bank account and the environment. By turning in scrap metal and CRV materials with monetary value, you can earn income that you would otherwise have lost to your trash bin. And, just as crucially, when you participate in recycling even once, you help reduce the environmental burdens imposed by the processes of modern industrial manufacturing. The reason for this reduction is a diminished need to subject raw materials to these processes. When raw material processing decreases, industrial plants don’t pump as much smoke and toxic fumes into the atmosphere. In addition, they produce lower amounts of solid and liquid waste. All told, this means that the simple act or recycling allows you to combine financial sensibility with social responsibility and resource stewardship.

Scrap Metal Recycling

crv recycling center in lake arrowheadBroadly speaking, scrap metal is anything made from metal that no longer serves a purpose in its current state. Common sources of materials in this category include:

  •         Soft drink cans
  •         Outdated appliances
  •         Old household wiring
  •         Old metal window frames, and
  •         Outdated or broken faucets and fixtures

You also generate scrap when you do such things as throw away an unwanted bicycle or get rid of an old junker car or truck. Metals that you can recycle are classified as either ferrous or non-ferrous.

Ferrous Metals

crv recycling in lake arrowheadFerrous metals get their name because they contain the element iron. In addition to pure iron, this category includes all forms of steel except stainless steel. It also includes items that contain some mixture of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In the typical household, likely sources of ferrous scrap include old appliances and various types of motor vehicles. In a commercial or industrial setting, common sources of this form of scrap include structural steel and metal offsets. Whether from residential or commercial sources, the hallmark of all ferrous metals is their magnetic nature. A quick pass with a magnet will help you separate them from non-magnetic metals.

Ferrous metals don’t bring the same price premium as non-ferrous metals. Nevertheless, recycling of ferrous scrap will still provide you with some financial reward. What’s more, you also get the benefits of participating in an ecologically sound social activity. Our facility accepts both steel and iron scrap for recycling.

Non-Ferrous Metals

The non-ferrous metal category includes metal scrap that contains no iron or non-stainless steel. Typically, the vast majority of residential scrap qualifies as non-ferrous. In addition, this category includes much of the scrap suitable for CRV recycling. You can expect to make more money for any amount of non-ferrous scrap than you would for the same amount of ferrous materials. We accept these non-ferrous items:

  •         Brass
  •         Tin
  •         Aluminum, an
  •         Copper

CRV Recycling

glass bottle recycling center in lake arrowheadIn the California recycling industry, CRV stands for California Refund Value. This is the fixed price you’ll receive for recycling certain types of beverage containers anywhere in the state. The list of CRV-eligible recyclables include:

  •         Aluminum cans and containers
  •         Glass bottles
  •         Plastic containers, and
  •         Bimetal (layered metal) cans

When manufacturers offer products for sale in these containers, they add the designated CRV cost to the amount you must pay. Basically, when you recycle eligible items, you recoup this initial expense. In this way, the state encourages high participation in the recycling process. If you turn in anywhere from one to 50 CRV-eligible containers at a time, you can ask to receive piece-by-piece payment. However, recycling centers have the option to pay a weight-based amount for larger amounts of eligible scrap. Ecology’s recycling center accepts three forms of this scrap:

  •         Plastic
  •         Glass, and
  •         Aluminum cans (cleaned and dried)

Support for Individual and Business Recycling

lake arrowhead aluminum can recycling centerEcology Auto Parts is committed to providing equal recycling access for the region’s homeowners and businesses. We also want to make sure that people in both categories can receive the financial benefits of their environmentally conscious efforts. To that end, we make our recycling location fully available to both the private and corporate sectors of Lake Arrowhead and all neighboring communities north and south of the San Bernardino Mountains.

Business, corporate and industrial recyclers will especially appreciate our high-capacity facility. To make the process as easy as possible, you can request delivery of a roll-off recycling bin to your address. Just let us know when your bin is full (or you’ve completed your scrap removal), and we’ll transport it back to the Center. Choose from a range of convenient bin sizes and configurations.

Items We Don’t Accept

plastic recycling in lake arrowheadFor a number of reasons, we just can’t accept certain materials and items for recycling. Specific things we cannot accept include:

  •         Computers, computer monitors, and TV monitors
  •         Items made from wood or fiberglass
  •         Hazardous and medical waste
  •         Oil filters
  •         Solid waste
  •         Sealed drums, and
  •         Any form of liquid

If you have any questions about the acceptability of items or materials you plan to recycle, please let us know.

Proudly Serving Lake Arrowhead

recycling for plastic bottles in lake arrowheadLocated high in the San Bernardino Mountains, Lake Arrowhead is a San Bernardino County census-designated place with a population of 12,000-plus. The community surrounds its namesake Lake Arrowhead Reservoir, and millions of visitors arrive every year to take advantage of its scenic venues and plentiful accommodations, shops, and activities. Unlike much of Southern California, Lake Arrowhead has four distinct seasons, with significant snowfall in the winter months. The communities of San Bernardino, Highland, and Rialto lie to the south, and the communities of Hesperia, Apple Valley and Victorville lie to the north.

Our recycling center is located just north of Lake Arrowhead in the High Desert. Every day, we proudly serve the area’s households, businesses, corporations and industries with convenient, accessible recycling services. Contact us today for more information and details on the rates we offer for ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and CRV containers.


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