As a company or small business owner, you use modern industrial processes that generate scrap metal shavings. Depending on the scope of your operations, these shavings can accumulate in small or large amounts. Even if you only generate limited amounts of waste, you may wonder about the best way to dispose of it. Experts agree that the most effective disposal method is metal shaving recycling. When you choose this option, you gain a monetary benefit while also receiving other vital advantages.

Who Generates Scrap Metal Shavings?

Scrap metal shavings belong to a larger group of industrial scrap materials known as chips or swarf. This category of materials also includes metal turnings and filings. It also contains shavings, turnings, and filings made out of wood. Metallic swarf can be generated by any type of machine that alters or reduces metal by:

  • Grinding it
  • Boring through it
  • Filing it

Machines that perform these actions include everything from drill presses to modern CNC devices. Businesses of almost any size can generate metal shavings or other forms of swarf. That includes everything from a one-person shop to a major production facility.

What Types of Metal Shavings Are Produced?

A wide variety of metals are put through manufacturing processes that produce shavings and other scrap. This list of these materials includes:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Tin
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Carbide

All of these materials are recyclable. Some of them (e.g., copper, brass, aluminum, and tin) contain no iron and belong to the group of non-ferrous metals. Others do contain iron and belong to the group of ferrous metals

What Is the Value of Your Shavings?

Pound per pound, the most valuable scrap metals belong to the non-ferrous category. Ferrous metals also have significant value, but bring less of a reward that their non-ferrous counterparts. The prices offered by your local recycling experts depend on the material, not its source. This means that a pound of metal shavings holds just as much value as a pound of any other scrap. Naturally, the overall weight of material you recycle also determines how much money you can make. If your company produces large amounts of shavings, you can expect a relatively large return for your efforts.

Overcoming Recycling-Related Problems

Businesses that generate scrap metal shavings can find it difficult to collect and store these materials. That’s true, in part, because they tend to have sharp edges and irregular shapes. Collection, in particular can be tricky. Fortunately, modern technology has produced vacuum systems that make this process safer and easier.

Storage presents another challenge, especially if you accumulate shavings in high volumes. Fortunately, today’s full-service recycling centers provide a ready solution. With a phone call, they can provide you with onsite bins or containers that you can fill as needed. The best recycling operations also pick up those storage units and haul them away for you.

Metal shavings are often coated in industrial lubricant or coolant. Some companies use specialized machinery to wash out any contaminating fluids before recycling. However, well-equipped recycling centers can perform this work as part of their normal processing.

Environmental Benefits

Financial gain is not the only reward for recycling your metal shavings. You also help protect the environment by reducing the need to produce more metal. Also, you reduce the amount of space required for landfills. And if your shavings are coated in lubricants or other contaminants, you also help protect the underlying groundwater.

Improving Your Company Profile

There is still another reason for recycling your shavings and other waste: an improved business/corporate image. Studies show that companies that establish recycling programs create a more appealing public face. This has positive effects on both customers and other buyers. In turn, this positive sentiment can translate into increased business and greater long-term profits.

Interested in reaping the benefits of metal shaving recycling? Contact your local or regional recycling professionals today. Top-rated centers in your area will have facilities set up especially for industrial-size materials processing. They will also offer drop-off and pick-up programs that take the hassle out of transporting your shavings.

Have just a little waste at your location? Arrange your schedule and bin/container use accordingly. Have a massive complex that produces waste in large amounts each week? Your local experts should be able to meet your needs with a convenient, customized plan. In the end, you’ll generate added income while participating in a future-focused activity. You’ll also get the chance to stand out among other competitors in your industry.