Benefits of Natural Gas Semi Truck Engines

As cars and trucks are constantly evolving and changing, companies must continually evaluate what the best choices are on the market, both for their own best interests and for the interests of the future of the planet. One promising new development is compressed natural gas. This new technology offers many benefits, which is why here at Ecology, we’ve made a commitment to transitioning to these types of semi truck engines by 2020.

Discover just a few of the many benefits of natural gas semi truck engines below:

Lower Fuel Costs

Fuel costs when using natural gas are $1.50 to $2.00 less per gallon. The start-up cost of purchasing natural gas engines is higher at the start, but in the long-term, the cheaper gas makes up for it. In addition, most natural gas is produced in the USA, meaning that the costs that are paid go to supporting local jobs and businesses.

Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas burns cleaner than petroleum-based products. Why? Natural gas contains less carbon. Overall, compressed natural gas produces 20-30% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. What’s more, it produces 95% fewer tailpipe emissions than petroleum gas. No evaporative emissions are produced with natural gas engines. Now that’s some good news!

Lower Maintenance Costs

Natural gas engines last longer than engines meant for petroleum-based gas. Why? Since natural gas doesn’t contain lead, spark plugs last longer. Pipes and mufflers are also longer lasting because the gas doesn’t react with and wear away on metals. Oil lasts longer in natural gas engines as well.


Standard gas tanks can suffer accidental releases and give off fumes during fueling. Compressed natural gas doesn’t pose these risks and even has a reduced risk to cause fires. Compressed natural gas can’t spill–it disperses into the air.

Using compressed natural gas is easy for truck and car drivers as more natural gas stations are opening every day. There is already a fairly wide network of gas stations offering this fuel, and the number of stations will only grow. Curious to see how California stacks up in terms of natural gas service stations? Check out the Clean Energy Station Locator. You’ll see that both the east and west coasts, including California, are fairly well stocked in stations.

Switching to natural gas, especially for heavy gas-consuming truck engines, makes perfect sense. For this reason, many of Ecology’s colleagues in the waste and refuse industry are also making the move. Five years ago, 30% of the industry ran on natural gas. Now, more and more are moving in this direction to cash in on the many benefits this fuel option offers.

Natural gas offers a promising future for heavy transport, trucks and many other similar vehicles. By making the change, we can help play our part to minimize our impact on the environment, which is very close to the heart of Ecology’s goals. As we continue to serve our clients and world through recycling, we are also updating our fleets to continue our mission in an even more environmentally friendly way.