South Gate Recycling Center


Ecology’s South Gate CRV and scrap metal recycling center is located just .5 miles off the 710 freeway at the Firestone Blvd exit. You can find us on Rayo Ave, between Firestone Blvd and Atlantic Ave. This location was formerly known as California Metals Recycling. From the 105 Freeway, our South Gate recycling center is a 9 minute drive, approximately 2.3 miles North on Atlantic Ave. to our Rayo Ave. location.

This location services all of South Gate and surrounding East Los Angeles cities such as Downey, Huntington Park, Lynwood, Compton, Paramount, Bellflower, Walnut Park, Bell Gardens, Willowbrook, West Rancho Dominguez, Gardena, Hawthorne, Inglewood and Lawndale.

South Gate’s Home for Scrap Metal and CRV Recycling

Ecology’s South Gate CRV and scrap metal center proudly serves the residents and businesses of South Gate and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide easy access to recycling, making it easy to take care of our planet. Our South Gate center is the perfect drop off point for residents in the area to drop off everything from household recycling items to large amounts of industrial scrap. We strive to create a user-friendly environment where you can easily turn in your recycling materials and get your compensation in a simple process.

Why Should You Recycle?

There are many reasons to recycle, the principal one being that it is good for the environment. As responsible citizens, we must all play our part in taking care of the planet and having a positive impact. Here’s how recycling helps:

  • If you place recyclable items in the trash, additional pollution is created because they are added to landfills or incinerators rather than being reused.
  • Products created from recycled materials reduce the need to mine for new materials. Mining causes pollution and disrupts many communities.
  • Toxic waste and gases are reduced through recycling, protecting our vital natural resources such as water and air.

In addition to helping the environment, recycling also pays! When you turn in CRV items or scrap metal, you’ll receive compensation. Some metals and items are more valuable than others, so the amount of compensation you receive depends on how much and what types of materials you recycle.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Any metal that can no longer be used for its original purpose is considered scrap metal. Through recycling, these metals can be made useful again. Old appliances, car parts, wiring, old bicycles, hardware in houses, industrial scraps and more are some examples of commonly found scrap metals.

However, not all scrap metals are the same. Different values are assigned to metals depending on the properties it has. Usually, metals used in recycling are classified into ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.

Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals are easily identified because they are magnetic. Their main components are iron and steel. Ferrous scrap metals are usually obtained from old vehicles, old appliances, demolition scrap, structural steel or metal offsets from manufacturing warehouses and industries.

These metals are usually easier to process than non-ferrous metals. Because ferrous metals are magnetic, they are easier to separate and classify. For this reason, ferrous metals are less valuable than non-ferrous metals. However, it’s still worth your while to recycle ferrous scrap. Further to the financial compensation, you’ll also gain the satisfaction of knowing that you’re playing your part in preserving South Gate area natural resources.

Non-Ferrous Metals

The easiest way to tell if a metal is non-ferrous is if it is not magnetic. Typically, non-ferrous metals don’t contain iron or steel either. The one obvious exception is stainless steel, which is categorized as a non-ferrous metal even though steel is in its name. Where can you find non-ferrous metals? Some common sources of non-ferrous metals are window frames, household hardware (plumbing), wires, bicycle frames, and some car parts.

Typically, non-ferrous metals attain higher prices than ferrous scrap. Many CRV items such as aluminum cans are also included in this category.

Ecology’s South Gate CRV and scrap metal recycling facility buys Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals such as:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Tin

CRV Recycling

The California Refund Value or CRV is a piece of Californian legislation that encourages consumers to take certain recycling items to certified recycling centers. Both private citizens and businesses are incentivized in this system. The items that fall under this regulation include: soda, beer and juice cans, vegetable juice cans, and wine bottles, etc. Packaging of these items are usually made of aluminum, plastic, glass and layered metal.

When you purchase a CRV item, you pay a small fee for the packaging. When you recycle, you earn this money back. While small amounts of CRV are usually processed on a piece by piece price and basis, larger loads of 50 or more pieces are usually weighed and processed in this way. At our South Gate Center, all you need to do to recycle your CRV items is rinse them, dry them and bring them in.

The CRV items that we buy include:

. Aluminum Cans – Clean & Dry

. Plastic, and

. Glass

Supporting Individual and Corporate Recycling

Here at Ecology, we want to help all community members, including citizens, businesses and organizations in their recycling efforts. Through our South Gate center, we seek to serve the entire region with easy access to recycling, making recycling a simple part of your life.

As an additional service to industries, businesses and other larger organizations that recycle greater quantities of scrap metal and CRV, we provide roll-off bins. We deliver them to your property, where you can fill them at your convenience. Then, we haul off your scrap and CRV items once your bin is full, replacing it with a new one. Speak with our friendly staff to discuss your needs and determine the correct size bin for your organization.

Items We Don’t Accept

At our South Gate location we accept a wide range of recyclables, both metal and non-metal. However, due to safety and health concerns and our current equipment, we are unable to accept some items such as:

  •        Fiberglass
  •        Wood
  •        Liquids
  •        Solid waste
  •        Computers
  •        Television monitors
  •        Oil filters
  •        Flammable materials
  •        Medical waste
  •        Hazardous waste, and
  •        Sealed drums

Please do contact us if you have any questions about our policies regarding any items you wish to drop off.